Our Values

I nostri valori e filosofia aziendale


Honesty . Professionalism . Commitment . Dedication . Courage . Reward

(Our Rules of Play) 

Our experience and observation coupled with our core beliefs have enabled us to establish some key policy statements regarding the way we do business.



A fundamental flaw in the way most food businesses especially small food businesses operate is Honesty. We decided that if the business cannot be run totally legitimately we would not be a part of it. This policy of honesty is applicable to all the company’s relationships and activities, i.e. between the shareholders, management, employees, suppliers, the bank, receiver of revenue and most important in our relationship with our customers.



Every activity has a “way” or the best possible way of being done considering our abilities, education and experience. It is our policy to strive to maintain the highest possible level of professionalism. This is, after all, our chosen career. Our company is an extension of ourselves.

There is another dangerous way of thought regarding the food industry, especially the retail sector of the industry. People tend to believe that one works in this sector before they get a “proper job” or after they have played their part in the business world, “to take it easy”. This is our business, this is our chosen career, this is our chosen goal. Not doing the very best we are capable of doing is a waste of our lives. Finally it robs the company and those dedicated to it of their dreams, goals and lives.

Commitment  and Dedication.

There is only one path to success in whatever field one chooses to pursue. That is total commitment and dedication of energy. Mastrantonio is a 24 hour a day activity. If we achieve the goals we have chosen, we would have attained the pinnacle of business achievement. This achievement is not relative to any other persons or enterprises, but only relevant to our particular path. Achieving it requires no less than total commitment and dedication.


There will be times of “terror” along what may become a long and hard road. We go into this venture with our eyes wide open, with courage and the ability to win.



Mastrantonio rewards the people who are part of its make-up, namely its shareholders, employees, associated parties and customers. In order to succeed we need “buy-in” by all the people that are part of our environment.

Employees should benefit by finding a stimulating career that caters for their needs in the long term and fair treatment and just remuneration in the short term. The aim being that each and every employee attain or at least move towards their own personal goals through their involvement with Mastrantonio.

Other people and enterprises we come into contact with should find it beneficial to deal with Mastrantonio.


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